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Demo Fruit Machine V0.0.1

An OpenGL demo using Python, PyGame, PyOpenGL and other libraries. Includes an Inno Setup installer-builder for Windows. The source code works on Windows and Linux and should work on OS-X. (306K) Python source-code
demo-fm-0.0.1-win32-installer.exe (3.0M) Windows installer

Pong or Tele-Tennis

Two-player fun. Complete with sound effects. New Version! Requires PyGame. (V0.0.3)


PyOpenGL for Python-2.4 and Numeric-24

Slightly modified to work cleanly with Py2Exe, and built against Numeric-24. Includes Togl. Based on the source snap-shot for the corresponding official release. Here are the Modified files (1.8K).

PyOpenGL- (5.1M) Windows installer

Windows Audio Recording

Allows audio recordings to be made on Win9x, ME, NT, 2K, XP. Includes a command line test program. Requires ctypes or Python 2.5 (and later). (V2.0.0)

CVS Validator

Scans a freshly checked out CVS project for binary files that have not been checked-in correctly and, as a result, may be corrupt. (V0.1.0)


Uses ctypes to communicate with the default email client on Windows. Tested with Outlook Express, Outlook 97 and 2000, Eudora, Incredimail and Mozilla Thunderbird ( (V1.0.2) ChangeLog.txt

Window Manager Extensions for Pygame

Uses ctypes and Numeric. Python-only, no 'C' compiler required. Tested with Python-2.4 and 2.5 on Win2K/XP, Gentoo, Debian, with Gnome and KDE.

Provides window positioning and sizing, maximize, restore, iconify, activate, show, always-on-top, coordinate conversion, work-area, and non-rectangular window shapes.

Includes two demo programs: a circular analogue clock and a test program that demonstrates most of the features.

wm_ext-0.0.1.tar.gz - Linux (86K) - Windows (93K)

Adat HD24 Utilities

Command-line utility for reading projects, songs and tracks from an IDE drive formatted using the Alesis ADAT/FST Version 1.10. Tested on Linux (Gentoo, Kubuntu) and Windows 2K/XP. Should work on OSX (some tweaking probably required).

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Python - Splendid cross-platform scripting.
PyGame - Python game development using SDL.
Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) - Cross-platform multimedia libraries.
PyOpenGL - Python OpenGL bindings. Great Fun!
ctypes - Interface to .dll and .so dynamically loaded libraries from Python. Included in Python 2.5 (and later).