What is going on ?

What is going on in this fu**ed up world of cuts, nursing homes an'screwed up Mellenium Domes,

Don't tell me we care as designer crips pop up everywhere,

screw that shit!!! I don't need it, whats the truth? what is going on?

No designer crips! no fuckin' ego trips sing my song what the fucks going on???

People see what they want to see, I suppose because they don't handle me, ...in this screwed up brain of mine I suppose somewhere I crossed the line, so please excuse me when I say the ends justify the means, because the design of this country is not so clean!


Please explain why my brothers have to die? its a reality!! not a joke, so in my world of a semi schitzo why do some clowns play with me? Can they realy see I am not playin', I would rather go broke here what I'm sayin' The rest is history... yeh this is the real me the thoughts aint broke even when I croak I'lle put you up in smoke, dance to a dfferent beat as this crip hits the street!


So before I go just stop and think... we are on the brink of some fucked up society where crips want a bank balance not a soul please!! Wake up before we end up like America or they'lle want a fuckin mortagage to put you in ya box!! So break these chains as Hank Williams said, otherwise you could wake up DEAD!!!!!

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