Direct Action Network 'Nativity' Play Articles


Come all ye faithfull
Come and free our people
Come and take action
To free our people now
Come fight for justice
For our sisters and brothers
Oh come free our people
Oh come free our people
Oh come free our people
Tony Blair

Access to info
Access to environment
Access to transport
To set our people free
Personal assistance
Ours and not created
Oh come free our people
Oh come free our people
Oh come free our people
Tony Blair

Sing all ye danners
Sing of emancipation
Sing all ye citizens
Of our society
Free our people
From the institutions
Oh come free our people
Oh come free our people
Oh come free our people
Tony Blair


Away in an institution
That's the best place they say
So they don't have to see us
If they lock us away
In the attic or residential home
Away from their guilt
They create the bricks and mortar
On which prejudice is built

The cattle are lowing
The sheep follow on
And before you can pee
Your rights they have gone
The shepherds are well paid
To look after you
To restrict you and your freedom
And to assess you to

The movement is growing
In the meetings it goes to
no bullshit it takes
Come on Tony Blair
What are you gonna do
To give us our freedom
And human rights too?

CAROL :- ?????????????????

On the first day of the action the good lord gave to me
A demand that our people are free

On the second of the action the good lord gave to me
Some useful information

On the third day of the action the good lord gave to me
An independent advocate

On the fourth day of the action the good lord gave to me
A house that i could live in

On the fifth day of the action the good lord gave to me
Five days in jail

On the sixth day of the action the good lord gave to me
Some aids and adaptations (now)

On the seventh day of the action the good lord gave to me
Personal assistace

On the eighth day of the action the good lord gave to me
Accessible public transport

On the ninth day of the action the good lord gave to me
Access to information

On the tenth day of the action the good lord gave to me
Access to the environment

On the eleventh day of the action the good lord gave to me
Full time employment

On the twelvth day of the action the good lord gave to me
Incusive education



Westminster Abbey coffee shop.
Mary and Joseph set off for Bethlehem 2000 years ago.
Herod and the three wise men.

MARYWhy are we going to Bethlehem because I am a single mother heavy with child?
JOSEPH      Because there's not tick box for the Nazarenes
MARYAre you worried that our child might be a little bit .."special"
JOSEPHI am very worried given the fact that I'm a virgin too.
MARYI'm worried too maybe we should have gone to the King Herod Clinic for genetic testing after all.
JOSEPHI thought the father told you "you must bear this child"
MARYI know but the Archangel Germaine Greer told me I had a right to choose.
JOSEPHOK Lets flag down an accessible ass.

Donkey drives past saying TOA Asses.

MARYWell heavy as child as I might be we'll have to walk.
JOSEPHI suppose so .. I can't wait until they invent Mercedes.


[CAROL :- We three king of orient are ????????????????????]

1st WISE WOMANWe are the three wise women from the east of Bristol.
2nd WISE WOMANWe are following a star.

Star appears.

STARA disabled Child is to be born in an inn in an institution in Bethlehem. This child has the message that will set all disabled people free.
3rd WISE WOMANBut we are fair ...
1st WISE WOMAN(aside) too fucking fair.
3rd WISE WOMAN... scrupulously fair and we thought we would go to meet some King called Herod Cheshire to have a heated debate.
HERODWelcome you strange and disturbing misfits, though you wonder far methinks that you would be better off in the safety of my home.
1st WISE WOMANIt's a pretty medical palace you've got here Herod babe.
HERODWell we have three priorities here at the Herod Cheshire HQ.
1. Kill all disabled children.
2. Kill all disabled feotoes
3. If not put them into stables called institutions.
2nd WISE WOMANloverly juberrly so you don't like difference eh?
HERODI love it. It keeps me and my kingdom in jobs killing and testing. Anyway have you heard of this very special birth that is going to happen? We'd love to kill it before but we don't mind if it's after. In the name of charity please tell us if you find it ...we need the work.
3rd WISE WOMAN(puts her arm round Herod) don't worry love of course we will. You'll be the first to know.
HERODGreat anyone for fourteen pints and a joke?


Mary and Joseph cannot find an accessible inn along the way. The star follows them. DAN marches to downing street


AT THE DSS Angel and shepherds.

1st SHEPHERDTis been a strange and wondrous night with all these them there folks passing.
2nd SHEPHERDand did you see that mysterious star that kept going from left to right and back again trying to find an accessible galaxy no wonder.
3rd SHEPHERDMethinks it might be a sign the sheep have been strangely restless today even old Bert seemed to want to get out of his pen this morning.

The arch angel Johnny Crecendo appears.

4th SHEPHERDWhat in Christ's name is that!
1st SHEPHERDWho's Christ?
4th SHEPHERDI don't know but look at that!
ARCH ANGEL JOHNNYFear not though mighty dread has seized you troubled mind I will not send you to the institution for insane shepherds.
I am an angel of the disabled people's movement and I bring you glad tidings that, today is born a new campaign to make sure that no disabled person is forced or cajoled into an institution. This campaign is called "Free our People" Hear the word of disabled people who live in institutions and want out. These are your neighbors, your sisters and brothers. Will you pass on the other side?

DANNERS living in institutions testify about their lives.

2nd SHEPHERDbut where is this birth to take place?
JOHNNYFollow me I will take you there.



Mary and Joseph arrive at no 10 (they have a portable ramp) but there is no room. The innkeeper says that they can stay in an institution

JOSEPHHello Hello we've been traveling for days and miles and we'd like to be let in.
TONY BLAIR/ INNKEEPERI'm terribly sorry but there isn't a place for you here. We're full and you're too expensive anyway. Gordon, my next door neighbor, is always going on and on about how much you cost.
MARYBut I'm going into Labour
TONYOh in that case maybe we can do a deal change the chair or something. Have you a membership form?
MARYNo not that kind you pratt I'm going to have a baby!
TONYOh dear, oh dear
MARYA special baby
TONYOh dear, oh dear. more expense. Well I guess you could stay in the stable for the disabled on a temporary basis.
JOSEPHOK Toe lets go.
TONY BLAIR/ INNKEEPERYou will let me know if there is anything I can do won't you?
MARYYou can count on it!!!!!!
JOHNNYAnd so the "free our people" movement was born in an institution we called Bethlehem afterwards nicknamed Bedlam

Mary and Joseph cuddle their child.

MARYI wish those cattle would shut up.
JOSEPHI guess there used to this place.
Ist COWWell we're safe in here.
Ist SHEEPI agree.
IST SHEPHERDWe be coming here on a strange and mysterious errand. (To the !st sheep) oh hello Bert. We have seen an angel who has told us about this birth and mighty dread filled our troubled minds that we might lose our jobs as social working shepherds of the sheep.
MARYWell thanks for coming but could you shut up and listen now!
2nd SHEPHERDWhat an amazing concept I never thought of that.
3rd SHEPHERDThis is truly a wondrous conference I can't wait to brief my departmental shepherds team on this.
1st SHEEPWhat conference?
1st SHEPHERDIt's not for you because you're a different kind of sheep.
JOSEPTHWill you shut the fuck up!
JOHNNYAway in an institution
1st WISE WOMANGreetings I bring you a gift from disabled people around the world and that gift is the struggle to be able to choose what you want to do when you want to do it.
MARYTa very much duck.
2nd WISE WOMANI bring you the gift of the struggle for basic human rights to full participation in the community you live in.
JOSEPHSounds good to me!
3rd WISE WOMANI bring you the gift of freedom to act free to live free to be free wherever you may be. This is the goal we seek this is the star. By the way have you thought of a name yet?
MARYWell we' had thought of Jesus but my mother wanted him to be called DAN after that prophet who went to the lion's Den and survived.
1st WISE WOMANSo be it the child shall be named DAN.
JOHNNYAnd so it came to pass that upon this day a child was born and through it a movement that freed disabled people all over the world. From this small beginning disabled people realized they were not sheep but people just like anybody else with full rights to be in the community.
From this day all disabled people made sure that their brothers and sisters in institutions knew somebody out there loved them as they loved themselves. They knew that if they worked together and stayed together that they would win together. They knew that accessible toilets were crucial in the struggle.
TONY BLAIR/ INNKEEPERExcuse me but there's a lot of noise out there we're trying to put the country to sleep. Is their any more we can do for you?
ALLOur child DAN would like to deliver a message to you.
TONYFine, fine let me speak to my centurions (Tony talks to the COPS).
JOHNNYAnd so it becometh that DAN spoke to the innkeeper that all disabled people should becometh free. DAN told the innkeeper that he truly was the way and that if the innkeeper didn't believe him he would surely be out of a job by May. And the people sang that their should be a movement to set all disabled people free and so it came to pass that because of this day that all disabled people left institutions, and became full members of society.

This happened because disabled people realized that they would never be free them selves until their sisters and brothers in institutions were free. They realized that they had to go into the institutions to free them and so they did though many were persecuted and crucified by the social services department.
MARY(to the baby) Hush now little child.
DANI will never stop screaming till my people are free.
ALLWe will never stop screaming till our people are free!


HEROD CHESHIRESo did you find the child.
IST WIDE WOMANYes, but rest assured he is living in an institution.
HERODThat's what bothers me the enemy within. Kill them all is what I say.
2nd WISE WOMANWell gotta go there is a new star now and we have to follow it.
3rd WISE WOMANTruly wondrous looks like a rainbow like a majority of minorities.
HERODOK bye (turns) Salome will you please put some clothes on you tart!