Vigil report week 6 : Thursday 9th November 2000

for 'Mary & Jodies' equal rights to life.

Disabled people from around the North gathered for the last vigil outside St Mary's Hospital, where 'Mary' was killed only a few days ago and 'Jodie' remains in a critical condition.

Beautiful flowers and touching cards with messages from disabled people everywhere were displayed next to the hospital's main entrance, with our banner and a new placard. This is our tribute to the little girl who is now dead and wishing luck & strength to her sister and family.

We had ventured onto hospital property for the first time since the start of our vigils 6 weeks ago, so it was a surprise to be asked to cross over the road behind the parked cars. Apparently the police might want to come, our little group was obstructing the huge entrance (?!) and our candles were a fire risk. Also we were told these are new rules because of what happened on Monday - when we had deliberately stayed away to avoid the circus.

Thankfully after so long paying them regular visits the security remember us, know we stayed away Monday, were nice to us and know we are no trouble. They left us to it, when we simply moved our candles and selves to where we have usually set up - a few metres away on the path (along the front of the hospital), which is a public highway. We left the banners and tributes which many people stopped to look at right by the doors. The police didn't come but they drove past a lot - and we all stayed on our best behaviour.

When the vigil was over the security were allowed to take our flowers and tributes straight up to the ward, avoiding the procedure which usually results in the Hospital managers office taking hold of everything the next day. We can only assume this is because the family have personally agreed / requested.

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