Vigil report week 4 : Thursday 26th October 2000


Whilst our sisters & brothers were outside St. Mary's Hospital, I was crawling from one pub to another bringing the message about 'Jodie and Mary's' right to life to our fellow drinkers, pool players and football supporters.

After the initial pounce most customers welcomed the opportunity to talk about their views of 'Jodie and Mary', the twins. Feedback varied from being very supportive after some discussion of the issues to one Scottish doctor who had written a note on the back of my drawing of the twins saying she thought the letter was "emotive" and not "objective".

Her doctor partner said we should not be here discussing this. Despite this I managed to keep both doctors talking for about 20 minutes or so after saying how glad I was having the privilege of sitting with them. Hopefully this alone was an achievement, if it was just to challenge the arrogance of their profession - got to be a start of a long journey that maybe members of the public and patients will say hang on a minute.

Oh, is St Mary's Hospital staff tests of what a "normal" baby is completely objective or based on cultural norms?

The hardest part is getting the drinkers talking around the issues, which underpin the operation, rather than the debate whether the actual operation ought to go ahead. Anyway more signatures in support of Mary and Jodie's campaign some with no hesitation whilst others needed some gentle debate and persuasion.

One of the punters I met was Crosby Menzies from the on-line New York Wall Journal (On-line newspaper) who was very supportive and will take our action back to his newspaper.

A good night out on the Willesden Pub scene.