VIGIL report 3 : Thursday 19th October 2000

Vigil for
'Mary & Jodie'
Equal Rights to Life

Disabled people from all over the country gathered again in the cold night air outside St Mary's Hospital Manchester, with banners and candles lit for the twins. This week we were joined by a patient and passers by, who also collected signatures for our letter and giving out leaflets about why we are doing this.

People keep asking what we are against. We keep answering we are here FOR the twins, we are here FOR equal rights to life and living. What we are mainly doing is discussing an issue which many of the public hadn't thought about : the right of people with 'impairments' to life and living, the value of a person, how it is judged and measured, and who by.

We will be back same time next week (Thursday 7.30 p.m. till 9.30 p.m.) please join in any way you can.