Action! 'Mary and Jodie's' right to life


STATEMENT from people involved in the campaign.

The baby girls known as 'Mary and Jodie' have an equal right to life. We think the decision to separate them goes against this. we reject the idea that conjoined twins are freaks who must be separated.

Both baby girls, have been viewed in a very negative way throughout their short life - and especially 'Mary' being referred to as parasitic and as "killing Jodie" in order to justify her murder.

It does not seem from the Court of Appeal judgement that all possible ways of preserving both twins lives have been investigated.

The judgement has an impact on other disabled people because every time that a decision is taken that allows doctors to kill people based on subjective quality of life decisions, through active methods or the withdrawal of treatment, this undermines our basic right to life.

If you want to show support for this loving family from Malta, who have been abused by the state and the media, please join in any way you can.

Simone Aspis, Dorothy Mallon, Lucy Wilkinson, clair lewis,
this campaign supported by DAN Northwest.
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Since 24th October 2000