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Stand-off ends for now at least. Protest leader warns housing officials

House us NOW or we'll live here!

Disabled people are occupying this council office and holding a house-warming party. We aim to encourage the Housing Director to address the crisis in housing disabled people, by living here until they meet our demands.

We demand the Housing Director re-house us, and create an action plan to deal with the City wide crisis. A reliable source in Manchester's Housing Department last week admitted that there are "probably thousands" waiting for accessible housing.

In Manchester, and nationally, lack of safe housing and support means disabled people can't leave hospital, their parents or abusive relationships, forcing hundreds into institutions such as nursing homes and respite. We are forced into dependency by our circumstances, not just by illness or impairment.

We have a right to safe, accessible housing in our own community. "It seems whenever someone tries to help me - my MP, or Deputy Leader of the Council - the Housing Department offers me yet another obviously unsuitable property: just to be seen to be doing something." said one activist.

More information about national DAN, local organisers and the Free Our People campaign at this website, or phone the national office on 0121 247 4424.

To send messages of support, or add your story you can email us at: or fill in the form below, cut it out and post it to the Housing Director at :

Manchester Housing,
PO Box 531,
Town Hall Extension,
M60 2JX.

Dear Mr Rumbelow,

Disabled people should not be forced into taking direct action, just to have their basic human rights met.
Pay attention to disabled people now and work out an action plan to re-house thousands of disabled citizens who are waiting for safe and accessible homes.

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