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17th, 18th, 19th SEPTEMBER 2001

DAN is coming back to the Midlands in September the issues are the Independent Living Centre in Birmingham that DAN has been campaigning for over the last 2 years, The Charging for services policy that many West Midlands Authorities are implementing and the suspension of Direct Payments schemes. DAN is planning a tour of West Midlands Authorities over 3 exciting days of non-violent civil disobedience. Birmingham City Council have to decide whether to give us the resources for an Independent Living Centre by September. So far so good but the crunch comes in September. Will we celebrate or demonstrate? We are planning a huge rally with the Birmingham Freedom Alliance on the 17th outside the Council House in Birmingham at 12noon.

Solihull Council could do with a visit as it increases its charges for services and has no Independent Living Centre. Warwickshire DAN say the council is limiting direct payments to personal tasks making it unrealistic for virtually everyone. Coventry are putting their charges up starting at 40% of your income hitting the poor hardest. The list is endless but we will be prioritising targets from now up to the action.

RING CASSIE ON 0121 247 4424



To book ring Cassie on 0121 247 4424. Birmingham DAN has lots of members who can put people up so if you can't afford the hotel ring Cassie and she will try to accommodate you with a Birmingham DANNER..


If you are having difficulty with travel contact Sandra Daniels on 0121 603 6443. We intend to hire some transport locally but if you can provide your own to get here it will help. National DAN has some money to help with transport but we hope you will at least try to get some local support form unions organisations of disabled people and your own fundraising efforts.

Personal Assistance

We will be providing some generic personal assistants in Birmingham but if you need top bring your own we may be able to subsidise their accommodation costs. Ring Cassie on 0121 247 4424 to discuss this.

All accommodation enquiries to :
Cassie on 0121 247 4424

Travel and personal assistance enquiries to :
Sandra on 0121 603 6443

DAN is desperately short of funds if you want to support DAN send cheques to DAN to 88 Berkley Rd. Solihull B90 2MU

All money goes to helping disabled people fight for their rights.

One of DAN's core demands is to have centres for independent living in every area. Two years ago Birmingham DAN with some "outside help" hit the City Council to build such a centre. Since then we have been in negotiations with the council and come up with our vision. The Council and the Health Authority have until September to decide whether they are going to put their money where their mouth is.

Birmingham DAN has networked with other organisations such as People First, the Coalition of Disabled People Birmingham and Birmingham Independent Living Project to form the "Birmingham Freedom Alliance" who are all campaigning together.

We hope to put 200 people on the streets in September. The Action will be big. If we get the centre it will be a time to celebrate and take our cause to other towns and cities near to Birmingham. We already have proposals from Warwickshire and Solihull DAN and are open to more ideas. There could be a lot of travelling on the action!

Other issues that need addressing in these parts are charging for services and the suspension of Direct Payments. Help us to fight to get a centre and to challenge the local authorities in the West Midlands to "Free our People."

1st, 2nd, 3rd April 2002

The spring action for next year will be back in London on the 1st 2nd and 3rd of April. We will be putting DAN's demands to the new government and the new MP's responsible for our continued. discrimination. Accommodation will probably be in the same hotel at about 35 per night. We want all organisations of disabled people behind our campaign to free our people and we will be planning a Freedom Rally on the 1st of April to which everyone can join. Get networking with other organisations and get them to commit to coming on our Freedom Rally 1st April 12 noon, place to be arranged. Send info on all those interested to :

Andy Gill
38 Whetstone Rd
London N20 ?HA
or telephone 0208 343 7402

DAN Members meeting

There will be a meeting for all DAN members in Birmingham on Sunday 2nd December. There will be workshops on campaigning DAN's demands, networking and working with the media. Their will also be time to discuss how to elevate and progress the Free Our People Campaign. The venue will be announced in the next newsletter in October and we are trying to ensure that the day is free. It is doubtful that we will be able to help with travel costs. If you'd like to come ring Cassie on 0121 247 4424


Sandra Daniels 0121 603 6443
Andy Gill 0208 343 7402
Cassie James (National Office) 0121 247 4424

254 Pineapple Rd
B30 2TY

LONDON MAY 2001 - Report

An incredible 3 day action saw DAN take to the streets of London at the time of the Election.

On the 1st Day we went to each political party's headquarters and got firm commitments from the Liberal Democrats and Labour Parties to work with DAN on Free our People. The Tory party true to form ignored us. That evening DAN crashed a party organised by the government for the great and the good of our movement they hadn't wanted to meet during the day so we went to them.

This demonstration showed that the government is still taking advice off those like Leonard Cheshire and the other charities that want to keep those institutions they own and run open and continually use us as the cash crop. The British Council of Disabled People refused to cross our picket line to their credit and perhaps this is the birth of a real alliance of disabled people rather than the unholy alliance the government is trying to create to divide and conqueror us.

The second day was very colourful with mock shit thrown at the DSS building on Whitehall and red feathers and Paint in the Leonard Cheshire Head Quarters. We were trying to show that The Leonard Cheshire Foundation is our enemy and will continue to be until it ceases to incarcerate disabled people. The DSS is responsible for ensuring that we are means tested that their isn't enough money thought or commitment to ensure that we can live in the community. It wants us to pay to go to the toilet.

On the third day we took our issues to the Minister for Housing and totally shut down their building. Our Demand affordable accessible homes. It was a great 3 days and we worked well together and built up our numbers. A fuller report and update will appear in the next newsletter.