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This Crip space is lovingly crafted as a grass roots web platform for sharing our truths, stirring our own people into action and celebrating activist culture. The views here do not necessarily represent the views of the domain owner (johnnypops) who provides and services this space as an independent ally. This is an independent platform not funded or supported by any organisation or scheme.


If you want to contact any of the people responsible for what you find in this site, and their details are not on the work, please email the site administrator at danner@breathe.com and your comments will be passed on.


More contributions are welcome, articles, poetry, lyrics, links, campaigns (especially ones we can join in with), and so on are very welcome. If you would like to submit work please send it to danner@breathe.com for consideration.


Everything here is freeware intended to reach as many disabled people as possible. If you would like to republish work appearing here, copyright for the work rests with the creator and they must be named. It is good to ask permission of the creator, who can contact either at their address as shown on their work, or we can pass on a message if you email danner@breathe.com


If you are just shocked or you don't like swearing please read the next section. For all other complaints please write to us. Though we are strong on free speech crip-style, hate messages against other disabled people, or other oppressed people (such as sexist, racist, homophobic language) are not acceptable here. If you feel any of the work here fits these descriptions we apologise and ask that you please let us know by sending an email to danner@breathe.com so this can be investigated.


Some people will find the contents of this site very unfamiliar. If you have found it shocking, that is unfortunate but we make no apologies. If the whole idea of disabled people speaking for themselves is new to you, it's not our fault.

We do not apologise for use of language which would be seen by some as swearing. We realise some children will come to this site but we do not feel any of them are likely to be so young they have never come across strong language. 'swearing' is allowed here as long as it's relevant, Disabled people have lots of good reasons to swear.

Down is up!

clair lewis, Disabled activist.
administrator for Crip-stirring Culture.