DirectX Fruit Machine V0.1.7

It fits on a floppy FREEWARE.
Now using INNO Setup for easy install/ uninstall.

Version V0.1.7 (Freeware) Download (1385K)
DirectX Fruit Machine V0.1.7

Requires DirectX 6.1 (or later). Suitable for Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP.
Minimum 4M of video memory recommended. 16-bit (High-Colour) video mode (or better) required.

Installation Instructions
Downloaded the file and run it.

Version History
V0.1.7-Fix resizing problem on XP. Click on Hi-Lo panel to gamble (thanks Pat!)
V0.16b-Corrected defaults for 'Auto' button (Oops!).
V0.16a-Using INNO Setup to ease potential install/ uninstall problems.
V0.16-Hi-Lo Gambling, view controls and presets.
V0.15-Improved reel settling. New texture loader.
V0.14-Fixed V0.13 GPF at startup on machines with voice-modems (again!).
V0.13-Fixed erratic GPF at startup on machines with voice-modems (Cheers Kev.).
V0.12-Initial release.

Minimum Requirements.
Runs perfectly on a P166-MMX (40M RAM) with a 4M Voodoo-I in full-screen mode (640x480). Runs OK with a 4M S3 Virge/DX 375 in windowed mode.
If you have any old video card with 3D acceleration, and at least a SoundBlaster-16 or other DirectSound compatible sound-card, why not give it a go!

DirectX Fruit Machine
is a simple 4-reel fruit machine simulation with a Hi-Lo gamble feature. The game begins with 10, each play is 20p. Use the mouse pointer or the keyboard.

The keys are as follows :
Start - Space-bar
Hold - 1, 2, 3, 4
Cancel Hold - C
Hi-Lo Gamble - 2, 3
Hi-Lo Collect - Space-bar
Auto - A
Bank - B
Exit - ESC
Restart - Space-bar
Zoom - Keypad +/-
Look - Cursor keys
Pan - CTRL + Cursor keys
View Presets - Keypad 0 (default),1,2,3
Help - F1
Toggle Full-screen - ALT+Enter

When the Credits are exhausted, the Bank flashes - click on it or hit 'B' to recycle winnings. When the game is over, hit ESC to exit or Space-bar to play again.

Works in windowed and full-screen modes. Select 'Full Screen' from the 'File' menu or hit ALT+Enter to toggle between windowed and full-screen. Video card settings can be changed by selecting 'Settings...' from the 'File' menu.

Tips :
If it is lit or flashing, try clicking on it.
If you play with the view and get lost, hit Keypad 0 to restore the default view.

Payout Table

Any Cherry 0.40
Any Cherry Cherry 0.80
Any Cherry Cherry Cherry 1.20
? Apple Apple Apple ? 0.60
? Lemon Lemon Lemon ? 0.80
? Pear Pear Pear ? 1.00
? Orange Orange Orange ? 1.20
? Plum Plum Plum ? 2.00
? Grape Grape Grape ? 2.00
? 3Bar 3Bar 3Bar ? 2.00
? Cherry Cherry Cherry ? 3.00
? Bell Bell Bell ? 3.00
? Melon Melon Melon ? 3.00
Apple Apple Apple Apple 4.00
Lemon Lemon Lemon Lemon 5.00
3Bar 3Bar 3Bar 3Bar 5.00
Orange Orange Orange Orange 6.00
Pear Pear Pear Pear 7.00
Plum Plum Plum Plum 8.00
Grape Grape Grape Grape 8.00
Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry 10.00
Bell Bell Bell Bell 10.00
Melon Melon Melon Melon 10.00

Highest win pays. No hold after a win.
(Remember, this is only pretend money ...)

It has been tested on :
  • Windows 95 OSR2.0 + service packs with 128M RAM
    • AMD K6-2 400 with Creative Labs AWE32 16M RAM (DX7.0a).
      • 16M Diamond SpeedStar A90 (S3 Savage4)
      • 32M Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Pro
    • P166-MMX with Creative Labs AWE64 Value 512K RAM (DX6.1).
      • 4M Voodoo-I. (Works great!)
      • 4M S3 Virge/DX 375.
      • 4M PowerVR PCX-2.
    • PIII-500 with Creative Labs SB Live! 1024 (DX6.1).
      • ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP 2X.
  • Windows 98 with 128M RAM
    • AMD K6-2 400 with Creative Labs AWE32 16M RAM (DX6.1).
      • 32M Nvidia RIVA TNT2 Pro
  • Windows 9? with 128M RAM
    • PIII-550 with Creative Labs SB Live! Value.
      • Voodoo 3 3DFX. (Cheers Jon!)
  • Windows 2000 with 384M RAM
    • PIII-667 with AC'97 Sound Card (DX8.0).
      • nVidia TNT2 M64.

Bug/Error reports welcome.
Errors are recorded into a file called "logfile.txt" in the same folder as the executable.
Application-related information is contained in this file in a human readable form.
Please attach to any email :

Information related to compatibility with sound/graphics systems also gratefully received.

Programming and Graphics  :  John Popplewell
Sounds and Fruit Machine Consultant  :  Andrew Popplewell

Adrian and Phil for inspiration.

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