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Last updated : 2nd August 2010

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Wyse Telnet and Serial Terminal Wyse Telnet and Serial Terminal Emulator for Wyse 50/50+/60 terminals. Runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP.
YoPainter YoVille whiteboard painting system.
DirectX Fruit Machine 3D Fruit Machine with Hi-Lo gamble feature.
Python Pages Useful Python modules and games.
Utilities Hubi's MIDI loopback etc.
Current CV What I've been up to.
Disability Rights
Crip-Stirring Culture Disabled agiprop, radical poetry.
Legalise BSL now! The language of deaf people in this country (BSL) has no legal status.
Bioethics Declaration The Right to Live and be Different - Disabled Peoples' International Europe.
Mary and Jodie Their right to life. Press releases, Articles, Vigil information.
About Contacting us. About this site.
The UK Doorz Top-notch Doors tribute band.
High Bias Three-piece rock combo.
Music Pages Gigs, band info and MP3 files.
Gallery  Pictures, photographs.
John's @Home Homepages Aspell for Win32, BBC Micro games, Downloads.
Gentoo Linux Laptop Installing Gentoo Linux on a Digimate M-2615 Laptop
Debian Linux Pentium III Desktop Installing Debian Linux on a Pentium III Desktop PC
Search Engines
Google Fast, effective search engine.
AltaVista (UK) Search engine.
Yahoo! (UK) WEB directory.
The Register Biting the hand that feeds IT.
SlashDot News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
Channel4 News Something resembling the news.
Exciting Software
Gentoo Gentoo Linux Distribution.
Knoppix Live-CD Linux Distribution.
Vim (Vi IMproved) Classic cross-platform editing.
Python Splendid cross-platform scripting.
PyGame Python game development using SDL.
Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) Cross-platform multimedia libraries.
PyOpenGL Python OpenGL bindings. Great Fun!
Hardware, Software & Programming
AVG-Free Excellent Anti-virus software. Free for personal use.
F-PROT DOS Anti-virus software. Free for personal use.
INNO Setup Excellent, free, professional installer.
NSIS Nullsoft Installer Excellent, free, installer with C source code.
Tom's Hardware Guide Definitive hardware reviews/info.
AnalogX Excellent freeware utilities. News and Reviews. Shareware, freeware and evaluation software.
Programmers Heaven Resources.
Wotsit's Format All kinds of file formats explained.
Andy Holme's Home Page Checkout the fantastic 'Projects' page.
Dave Berkeley's Wordhord Wordhord means literally a store of words, but also represents a person's knowledge and experience.
Simon Parrett's Home Page Great pictures.
40-Watt Productions Home Page Analogue tape baking and transfer service.
Fish On A Stick Rocking Indie-Folk four-piece.
Pleasure Dome   Glam and Classic Rock, 70's to present-day.
John Rossall's Glitter Band   70's Glam.
V2 Homepage Glam-Punk mayhem.
Fibbers Group In-depth Yorkshire music/gig guide.
Springhead Pub Great gig, great atmosphere, great beer.
The Talbot Hotel Great Blues/Rock venue.
Tux Paint Fantastic painting program for kids of all ages.
PrBoom The immortal DOOM from id-Software. Bug-fixes and Hi-Res OpenGL graphics.
Circus Linux! Fun kids game with bouncing clowns and popping balloons.
LBreakout2 Breakout for the 21st century, from LGames.
Maelstrom Super Asteroids-style fun from the maker of SDL.
Tux Racer Thrilling downhill racing with everyone's favourite penguin!
MAME Emulator for classic arcade games.
Software Illusions Great site for British Pub Slot-Machine Simulators.
Bolton Wanderers FC (Official) Our favourite football club.
Premiership League table What's happening in the world of soccer.
Train Timetable Railtrack Travel Timetable.
Demon Internet Network Status MOTD, Status and Report of summary information.
UK Street Map Street maps.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Bicycle helmet stuff.

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